Schrader Family Association

Registered association from 1920

Welcome to the website of the family association Schrader e.V.!

“Familia roboris radix”.
The family is the root of strength!

This has been our motto since 100 years.
Our family research is dedicated to this.

Founded in 1920, our association has been engaged in genealogical research around the schrader name for more than 100 years.
We are looking for information about Schrader people and families and collect it in our archive.
On this basis, for example, we develop Schrader family series and clan overviews, contribute to biographical research and publish the results in our regularly published newsletters.
Through annual family days, we encourage the cooperation of our members and encourage further research.

Genealogy is experiencing a renaissance!

There is a great deal of interest in questions and answers about one’s own ancestry. We support the members of our association in the research of their roots through practical research aids and the use of our association archive. We also help with the sighting and ordering of existing genealogical materials. From all of this, we create pedigrees ready for publication.

In addition, we are also open to external enquiries:
More information can be found here.
Guidance and advice is also provided by our archivist. Just contact us!


Contributions /Articles / News

Articles and contributions are currently only available in German.